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Focus areas

Our strength lies in the extensive planning and furnishing of your entire living space. Nonetheless, over the course of time, some focal areas that are particularly important to us have evolved. It is those spaces that play a major role in our life, be it because we spend a lot of time there, receive visitors from our loved ones or also to withdraw and be for ourselves. It is not only about the design, but above all the function that brings a room to life.


Nowadays, the kitchen is more than just a room for cooking, it is a place where people can meet, enjoy themselves and get together. The kitchen often becomes the center of life and the social center of the home. Made-to-measure design dreams come true through open kitchen solutions, spacious areas and lovely details.


Your library will probably never go out of style. Even in times of the Internet and digital reading, it remains a beautiful luxury, a promise to culture. Whether as an area in the study or as an independent living space, the owner shows individuality and his own personal taste.

Wall structures & paneling

Another focus of Konrad & Fink is the individual wall design with noble wood paneling and wall structures. Wall units with closed and / or open areas are practical storage furniture and decoration in one. Your home will be unique thanks to the high-quality look of individually manufactured wall structures.

Dressing rooms

A separate dressing room is probably a living dream of many. We make this dream come true for you, from content planning to individual design to manufacturing and assembly. Because a dressing room cannot be reduced to pure storage space. Anyone who decides to do this will allow themselves and their clothing collection space for presentation.

Interior doors

Doors are also an individual design object in the interior design and represent your personal living style. We manufacture high quality wooden interior doors with great attention to detail. Whether classic or modern, in the Bauhaus or country house style - according to your taste.

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