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Golden craft

Precise, professional craftsmanship and the processing of high-quality materials are the focus of our daily work. The work of Konrad & Fink is characterized by a careful product selection combined with functional and well thought-out spatial and living concepts.

Individual furniture

& landscape interior


We offer a complete range of furnishings of different styles. This includes custom-made upholstered furniture, seating furniture, entire interiors, landscaped interior and contract furnishings of highest quality.

Fabrics & wallpapering

Fabrics make up an important part of the interior. Their use in curtains, upholstered furniture and decorations decisively shapes the look and style of a room. Konrad & Fink has had its own fabric department for years, we buy our fabrics from the best and most exclusive manufacturers worldwide, sew and process them ourselves and can therefore offer unique decoration solutions. Regardless of whether new pieces of furniture are created or existing upholstered furniture is to be re-covered.


In our showroom in Graz there is always a large fabric flea market, come and browse!

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